The Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian (CCAP) Synod of Livingstonia has existed for 135 years now since the coming of the first Scottish Missionaries in 1875. From the onset, it should be acknowledged, therefore, that our Church owes a lot to the Church of Scotland from who we have drawn our historical legacy as well as administrative identity.

Responding to a divine call and influenced by the love of Christ and His grace, these Scottish pioneers approached evangelism holistically. The passionate belief was that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ would be void in the absence of a deliberate approach towards providing for people’s social needs simultaneously. This is why, besides the Bible and training of church ministers, they came to establish and operate hospitals, schools and colleges as well as providing safe water and electricity to mention but only some of the services.

The Church has over the years maintained that approach with a lot happening around propagation of the Gospel, many ministers being trained and a number of congregations and departments being established among other developmental programmes and projects. All this is meant to cater for the social-economic needs of the church’s population besides the preaching of the Good News.