Synod calls to action in response to the floods in Malawi

Today the Synod has issued a press release, calling for action, in particular by its members and congregations. The content of the press release is summarized below.

About 15 districts of Malawi have been hit by unprecedented flooding in particular in Nsanje, Chikhwawa and Phalombe. The Government of Malawi has declared a State of Disaster in all the districts severely affected by the floods. So far, the floods have displaced over 198,000 people and over 176 people have died.

While there has been response from the government, UN, NGOs and other private actors, to date there has been limited response by the church and where it has happened, the efforts remain sporadic and uncoordinated.

It is against this background that churches in Malawi are being called to action truly believing that everyone can do something in relation to the current flooding situation.

Call to prayer
The CCAP Synod of Livingstonia calls churches to pray in congregations, as families and as individuals that God intervenes.

Relief Response
Matthew 25 verses 35 reads “For  I was hungry and you gave me food,  I was thirsty you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you gave me welcome.”

In response to this verse, the Synod is appealing to congregations and individuals to make a contribution in cash or kind to help those that have been affected by the floods.

Contributions can be deposited into a special account CCAP Synod of Livingstonia has opened. The details are:

Bank: NBS
Branch: Mzuzu
Account Name: CCAP Disaster Relief
Account Number: 0030982261011
Account Type: Current

Material contributions can be sent to different collection centres in your area.

CCAP Synod of Livingstonia will be giving updates to its congregations to promote transparency and accountability.

Furthermore, individuals can contribute using their mobile phones by simply texting to 50121 or use mobile transfer to 888 200 303, this will go that straight to the National Appeals Account.

The Synod would also like to appeal to its congregations that in the event that some people have been displaced, help, by making churches that are in good shape temporary shelters.

While working on the response to help those affected by the floodings, the Synod also appeals to all involved not to forget to work on prevention, as it said “prevention is better than cure”. This includes the following:

  • Those that are settling in places that are prone to flooding may move to uplands so that we avoid further casualties in the areas that are still receiving rains.
  • Parents should pay a keen interest to your children. If they are school going, they have to make sure that they do not cross streams or rivers alone.
  • In case of thunder, let us avoid hiding under a tree.
  • In general, let us guard each other.

Photo Credit: Shiraaz Mohamed/AP