Graduation Ceremony at Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences

On 27th October 2017, there was a graduation ceremony at Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences of the Synod of Livingstonia. Graduates were awarded Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery Technician, Diploma in Clinical Medicine, or Certificate in Community Nursing. The graduates are deployed to government and Mission Health Facilities across the country

The Guest of Honour at the function was the Synod Moderator Rev John J. Gondwe. Other guests present at the function were:

Rev Dr L.N. Nyondo, General Secretary

Prof. B. Kamanga, Board Chairperson

Rev. Dr. T.P.K. Nyasulu, Board Chairman of CHAM and Interim Vice-Chancellor, UNILIA

Mr E. Kasonda – Principal, College of Health Sciences.


The college uses Ekwendeni Hospital, Embangweni Hospital, Rumphi District Hospital, Karonga District Hospital, Chitipa District Hospital, Mzuzu Central Hospital, Nkhatabay District Hospital, Mzimba Hospital, Mzuzu Health Centre and St. John of God House of Hospitality for clinical practice.

The college get its support from the Government  in terms of financial and human support, CHAM provides technical and moral support, NCA and CHAI provides Infrastructure, technical support, and the teaching and learning resources.

Other donors and development partners are of the College are:

  • Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI),
  • Centre for Disease Control,
  • World Learning,
  • Medical Benevolence Foundation,
  • Edinburg Medical Missionary Society,
  • Management Sciences for Heath,
  • Preston Hollow Presbyterian



Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences has a long history of training nurses and other health personnel since 1946.  It is one of the nursing training colleges under the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM).  The College has undergone several developments in academic as well as infrastructure since its establishment.

Ekwendeni is situated in the north east of Mzimba District in the Northern Region of Malawi.  The college is under the proprietorship of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia.  Students admitted to the college are recruited from all regions of the country on merit regardless of their religious affiliations and tribe.


The College, through excellence in teaching and learning environment, trains and inspires students in the nursing and midwifery profession within Christian Principles.  It exists to train nursing midwifery technicians for the country, who are prepared to serve at all levels of healthcare delivery starting from the Health Centre, District Hospital and Central Hospital.  Currently the College offers a three-year Nursing and Midwifery Technician Diploma, University Diploma in Registered Nurse and Midwife, Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Midwifery Assistant.




At Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences’ vision is to be a vibrant and role model health training institution with strong Christian values.  We will achieve this by:

  • Adopting a holistic approach in provision of the services i.e. spiritual, physical, social, economic, and psychological.
  • Providing integrated training that includes theoretical and clinical teaching.
  • Working in partnership with all stakeholders and donors in Malawi and abroad, to maximize our resources and impact.




Ekwendeni College of Health Sciences exists to provide quality and affordable training of Health Professionals addressing the priority health needs of Malawians within Christian Principles.