The Development department envisages a society of self reliant communities committed to attaining improved sustainable livelihoods and development through collaborating with the church and partners in God’s love.


To mobilize resources, facilitate and implement sustainable church and community based development programmes in order to enhance socio-economic and spiritual well-being of communities in the Synod’s catchment areas in collaboration with other CCAP Synods and other.

Programmes & Projects

o To promote and support initiatives aimed at achieving self sufficiency in food and nutritional security at household level through better practices in production, storage, processing and utilization in the Synod impact area
o To promote conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources through water and soil conservation and forest management
o To increase access to potable water and improved hygiene and sanitation in the catchment area through provision of potable water and sanitation and hygiene services
o To enhance income earning capacity of the rural people through promotion of small and medium scale businesses
o To build and enhance community capacity to prevent, respond to and cope with disasters
o To provide an effective and efficient administrative service for implementation of programme activities

Facts & Figures

o Non-discriminatory programme targeting:
o Food security interventions reaching about 7,000 farmers over a period of 7 years in 7 impact areas
o Water & Sanitation interventions resulted in the construction of 112 boreholes, 92 shallow wells and more than 2,000 improved pit latrines over a period of 4 years in 6 different impact areas
o Emergency and relief work has reached more than 10,000 people with food and farm input aid in 23 impact areas since 1993
o Highly committed governing and operational structure
o Adequate operational skills
o Good public and external relations

Strategic Priorities

1. Food and Nutrition Security
2. Environmental and Natural Resources Management
3. Water and Sanitation
4. Disaster Relief Management

Contact Details

Mr. D. Manda (Director)
PO Box 27
+265 1 339 304 (fixed)
+265 999 778 658 | +265 888 338 504 (cell)