Programmes & Projects

1. Support evangelism and discipleship through Christian Literature
a. Producing ‘Daily Guide’ (daily bible notes) in Tumbuka (which is written by local contributors). Production of ‘Daily Guide’ in partnership with S.U. Malawi
b.Sunday School materials, e.g. Chisunkho cha Chipulikano (Foundations of our Faith), Catechism.
c.Hymnals and Order of Service books in Tumbuka, Tonga and KyaNgonde languages. Actual printing of these materials is done elsewhere in Malawi by A.G.L.C.
d.Teaching materials for Youth
e.Training materials for church elders and preachers (‘Life and work of a Church elder’; ‘The preacher and his work’).
f.Distribution and sales of bibles (various languages), supplied to us by Bible Society of Malawi.2. Production and sales of Administrative materials for our Congregations and Synod Departments, e.g.:
a.Receipt books (general & mapangano/pledges) and Payment Vouchers
b.Church record books (minute books, communicant rolls, elders & deacons roll books).
c.Certificates (Infant baptism, Visitors&Removal/disjunction certificates).
d.Cards for Monesko, Mapangano and Madodana
e.Church diaries.3. Working in partnership with other organisations in Malawi involved in the production of Christian Literature: Bible Society, Scripture Union, Assemblies of God Printers and Christian Literature Association of Malawi.

4. Maintaining the Synod Archives and other Historical Records

Facts & Figures

1. Production of Tumbuka ‘Daily Guide’. For 2007 guide was written by local contributors and printed by S.U. – 2,000 copies were distributed. For 2008 guide was written by local contributors and printed by ourselves – 3,000 copies were distributed for upbuilding of Christians. In 2009 and 2010, 1,500 and 1,000 copies were printed respectively.2. Production of women’s Guild Bible Study booklets for 2008 in 4 languages3. Towards end of 2007, we started printing our Administrative materials. Currently we have printed and continue to print 10 out of 14 commonly used materials. So far we have printed over 17,000 items of Administrative Materials.

Strategic Priorities

1. Production of new materials:
a. Christian discipleship and Church membership
b. Guidance booklets on marriage, sexual behaviour and HIV/AIDS: mainly targeted at Youth.
c. In conjunction with Sunday School department, production of new curriculum for Sunday School: teachers guides and lessons for class participants.
d. Doctrinal teaching booklets in areas like baptism, church giving, etc.2. Making available Bibles (and Hymnbooks) in 4 languages in the whole Synod area (to every congregation).3. In orde to make the above (1 and 2) possible, we need upgrade of our production facilities

4. Establish a library for ministers

5. Introduce Adult functional literacy classes in congregations

Contact Details

Literature Secretary
PO Box 112
+265 1 311 344 (fixed)