Sunday School

Programmes & Projects

1. Sunday Schools are held in almost every prayer house in the congregations of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia.
Children attending are typically between 2 and 14 years old.
Typically each prayer house has 25-60 children attending sunday school. Sunday schools are organised in 6 classes, according to age group. Sunday school teaches: Basics of Christian faith, Leadership, Responsible living in society2. Sunday School Department supervises the Sunday Schools through a network of committees at Synod, presbytery and congregation level

3. Sunday School Department trains Sunday school teachers and provides teaching and learning materials

Facts & Figures

Sunday School reaches about 30,000 children in 170 congregations across the Northern regionIn October 2009, 10 Sunday School Children were taken from 10 different presbyteries and were sent to Scotland to see how the Scottish Children are doing in their Sunday School

In May 2010, children were given opportunity to lead the services in all our prayer houses

In August 2010, the department organized a Synod Sunday School retreat that was held at Bandawe, where 190 children participated.

Strategic Priorities

1. Develop attractive Sunday School curriculum and teaching & learning materials
2. Train Sunday School teachers
3. Promote the importance of Sunday School
4. Strengthen local Sunday School organizations (committees)
5. Equip parents for faith education at home
6. Equip children for faith education to peers

Contact Details

Rev. B.C.M. Khonje (Director)
PO Box 112
+265 888 620 449/+265 991 655 637 (cell)