Women’s Guild

Programmes & Projects

The Umanyano, the Women’s Guild of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia is a very active grouping within the church. It unites women aournd the Bible. Women meet weekly for bible study in every prayer house.
In addition to that, they Women’s Guild members play a very important and visible role in times of sickness and bereavement.
Therefore, the activities of the Women’s Guilds include: preach the word of God; Visit the sick in homes and hospitals; condole the bereaved; assist the Elderly; take care of widows and orphans; assist the needy and disadvantaged; assist the backslidden; hospitality ministry; look after welfare of children; provide leadership in congregations, prayer houses, Presbyteries and Synod

Facts & Figures

Women’s Guild membership is estimated at 35,000 in 170 congregations across the Northern region.
Women’s Guild has 1 fulltime coordinator at Synod level and 23 fulltime coordinators at Presbytery level
At Synod level, several projects have been implemented over the past 3 years:
– Production of bible study materials for all groups
– Production of Umanyano syllabus for aspiring members
– Leadership training for 60 leaders from all presbyteries
– Seminars on marriage counselling
– Seminar for minister’s wives seminar on hospitality
– Construction of Umanyano house which is rented out for income generation

Strategic Priorities

1. Production of Bible Study materials
2. Review Women’s Guild guidelines booklet
3. Training presbytery women’s guild coordinators
4. Organise marriage enrichment seminars
5. Organise seminars for minister’s wives
6. Build a hall, 10 room hostel which will be used for holding courses, workshops, training for women in cookery, sewing etc so as to uplift their family lives. The hall will be income generating.
7. Training in Micro Finance

Contact Details

Rev. Mrs. M. Chilongozi (Director)
PO Box 112
+265 999 792 193 (cell)