Programmes & Projects

Central activity for the Youth Department are the Christian Youth Fellowship groups in each congregation. These groups meet weekly for bible study at prayer house level. In addition CYF groups organise many other activities among which the choirs are most popular. Others activities include: choir festivals; Exchange visits with other prayer houses; Visit sick, elderly, bereaved; Evangelism outreach.Youth representatives meet annually at conferences organised at Congregational, Presbytery and Synod level (bi-annual).Seminars are organised to address more targeted forums with a specific objective. Topics include: discipleship, stewardship, marriage, child rights, HIV&AIDS, Income Generating Activities, Leadership, etc.Since 2000, the Youth Department started projects to help address the issue of HIV&AIDS and other issues that are affecting the youth in the communities around the congregations:
(a) Home Based Care/Orphan Care at Enukweni/Khuyukuyu (funded by Tearfund and PAC, 2001-2008)
(b) Trainings on Democracy (funded by GTZ, 2003-2004)
(c) Advocacy and Capacity Building (funded through Church of Scotland, 2006)
(d) Children at Risk Programme (family counseling and child rights, funded through Tearfund, 2005-2008)
(e) Other (smaller) projects include: Education support, both fees and learning materials; IGAs for livelihood sustainability; Community based vocational skills training

Facts & Figures

CYF groups have 27,500 members in 170 congregationsThrough community based projects, the department has reached around 1,000  beneficiaries.

Strategic Priorities

The Strategic Plan for the Youth Department consists of the following priority areas:Improve Youth Spiritual Health
1.Encourage prayer, bible reading & bible study
3.Encourage & develop youth leadership
4.Improve Healthy Marriage & Sexuality practicesImprove Youth Participation in Church
5.Encourage youth participation in church

Empower youth to participate in community development
6.Vocational Training & Entrepreneurship
7.Child rights & Child Protection
8.Contribute to Continuous HIV&AIDS awareness

Strengthen Financial Resource Base
2.Strengthen Financial Resource Base

Contact Details

Rev. J.J. Gondwe (Director)
PO Box 6
+265 1 339 324 / +265 1 339 219 (fixed)
+265 999 447 766 (cell)