Cherishing a literate and numerate society.


The Education Department of the Synod of Livingstonia by self-help and in partnership with others, strives to provide quality education for spiritual, physical, mental and socio-economic development to the society in Malawi. In doing so the Synod places emphasis on a holistic approach that promotes and upholds Christian values and the spirit of good stewardship.

Programmes & Projects

The work of the department covers all sub-sectors of education:
o Early Childhood Development
o Primary Education
o Special Needs Education
o Secondary Education
o Teacher Training
o Technical and Vocational Training

The Education Department headoffice runs various projects to improve access to and quality of education at the schools and institutions in each subsector.

Facts & Figures

Some key figures:
o Early Childhood Development: 400+ Community Based Childcare Centres (CBCCs)
o Primary Education: 500+ primary schools with 250,000 learners
o Special Needs Education: 1 school for blind, 3 schools for deaf and inclusive education
o Secondary Education: 5 secondary schools with 1,600 pupils
o Teacher Training: 1 teacher training college with 40 students (to increase to 80 in September 2011 and 120 eventually)
o Technical and Vocational Training: 1 technical college with 80 students

The department has secured scholarships for 150 girls each year at secondary education institutions. It runs building programmes for school blocks and teacher’s houses at various institutions in all sub-sectors. Over the period 2005-2009 it has run several programmes on HIV&AIDS, gender and child rights, community involvement in education and sensitization on crucial issues.

Strategic Priorities

1. Improve quality of care at CBCCs through training of caregivers
2. Build schoolblocks and teacher houses at primary schools
3. Provide training for headteachers at all primary schools
4. Introduce programme for inclusive special needs education
5. Complete construction of Loudon TTC
6. Build 2 new secondary schools
7. Renovate Livingstonia Technical College
8. Strengthen the capacity of the deparment

Contact Details

Rev. Dr. T.P.K. Nyasulu (Education Secretary)
P.O Box 112
+265 1311 395 (fixed)