Programmes & Projects

The Health Department of the Synod of Livingstonia exists to provide health care services, promote health and proclaim a clear Christian witness.

In order to achieve its mission the Health Department operates 3 hospitals:
– David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia
– Ekwendeni Mission Hospital
– Embangweni Mission Hospital

These hospitals and their clinics provide both curative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative services to patients in their catchment area, irrespective of their religious affiliation:
(a) Curative
Treatment of infections diseases e.g Malaria, tuberculosis and other common diseases. This is achieved by maintaining high level of quality curative health services.
(b) Preventive
Through the strong Primary Health Care component in all the hospital and health centre preventive services are provided. e.g. immunization for under fives and mothers, antenatal services and malaria.
(c) Promotive
Empowering communities to identify their own health problems and take action through behaviour change information and action.
(d) Rehabilitative
Provision of quality rehabilitative services, orthopaedic, anti-retroviral (ARVs) drugs as well as mental services.

Facts & Figures

– Deliveries conducted in health facilities. e.g. January – June 2010 David Gordon Memorial Hospital delivered 326 children
– Outpatient attendances. e.g. David Gordon Memorial Hospital registered 5483 between January- June 2010.
– Rehabilitating of malnourished children in the nutritional rehabilitative units (NRU’s) David Gordon Memorial admitted 14 malnourished children
– Admissions in all wards of our hospitals in going up due to quality services being provided for example David Gordon memorial Hospital admitted 1,377 patients between January – June 2010
– High attendances to under five and antenatal services though attended by very limited staff
– Well co-ordinated community health services in all facilities that includes HIV/AIDS services (HTC, Orphan Care, Home based Care, ARVs provisions), malaria, food security, immunisations, water and sanitation.
– Health expansions services at Msumbe, Bandawe and a long the lakeshore mainly malaria services
– Construction of modern services provisions structures (wards, offices, houses and stores)
– Signing Service Level Agreements with ministry of Health to provide some free services to the children and mothers
– Training some staff to improve their skills for quality service provisions (two medical doctors in South Africa now undertaking specialised paediatrics courses)

Strategic Priorities

1. Enough qualified staff in all departments through training/upgrading the existing ones as part of motivation and retention.
2. Up to date structures like wards, offices and houses
3. Empowering the communities to be responsive for their health (seeking health services on time)
4. Develop comprehensive strategic plan for the health department
5. Review conditions of services for the health department
6. Sustainability mechanisms of programme/activities.
7. Income Generating Activities (IGA) for self/own reliance

Contact Details

Mr. S.M.F. Nkhandwe (Director)
PO Box 1000
+265 1 311 052/+265 1 311 018 (fixed)
+265 999 610 970/+265 888 338 505 (cell)