Mission & Evangelism

Programmes & Projects

The department implements the following programmes:
o Taking the Gospel to the unreached people and spiritual renewal of believers
o Discipleship and stewardship programmes
o Promote prayer cells and healing ministry within the Synod
o Propogate the gospel in holistic ministry by addressing social needs
o Pastors Conferences and Retreats for Ministers and their spouses
o Evangelistic campaigns at congregation, presbytery and Synod level
o Teach about other religions, such as Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, African Traditional Religion, etc.

Facts & Figures

o The Mission & Evangelism department supervises Mission & Evangelism committees in all presbyteries and all congregations.
o The annual Synod level evangelistic campaigns lead to about one hundred converts each.
o Planted 6 school blocks and 3 maize mills in unreached areas.

Strategic Priorities

1. Formulate a Strategic Plan for the Department in harmony with Synod Strategic Plan for effective delivery of Evangelism programmes
2. To establish Income Generating Activities for the department
3. Conduct Leadership seminars for spiritual renewal
4. Improving and expanding the main office, Director’s house and quarters
5. Jesus film, projector, public address system, video camera and camping tents

Contact Details

Rev. M.A.T. Mulagha (Director)
PO Box 6
+265 1 339 302 (fixed)
+265 881 586 918 (cell)
+265 991 894 088 (cell)