The task force Spiritual Health was established in 2010.

It is responsible to make sure that at the end of its work, the following objectives are met:
1. Make sure that each member of congregations – both children, youth and adults – receive quality teaching so that they know what they believe and why
2. Make sure that in our worship services people really experience the presence of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
3. Make sure that members receive sufficient and high-quality pastoral care by their ministers and lay leaders, including adequate training on marriage counselling for those giving pastoral care
4. Make sure we define and implement church responses to witchcraft and other ungodly cultural practices that really help the members of our congregations when they face these issues.

In order to reach its objectives effectively and efficiently, the taskforce should also:
5. Do a survey of the spiritual needs CCAP members are facing in today’s open society
6. Do a survey and report on ‘existing best practices for spiritual health’ in CCAP congregations, so that we learn from each other when we are meeting the spiritual needs through our programmes.