2010 – Bible Distribution Tour


Bible Distribution Tour


The first project was to promote bible ownership and bible reading on a regular basis which is the most basic factor for spiritual growth.

However, this was a challenge since most people do not have bibles of their own because of three factors: availability of Bibles for sale in rural areas is very low; Bibles are relatively expensive and there is lack of reading culture among members of the church.



To improve bible ownership and bible reading, the taskforce organised bible promotion events in all the Synod’s presbyteries. The promotion consisted of an attractive mix of drama, bible quiz competition, music and dance, speeches and interviews, all insisting on the importance of knowing and reading the bible. The events at certain point even served as evangelisation events because some people showed their interest to come to Christ.

At the end of the event, bibles were available at subsidised rate of MWK 500. People were queuing to buy bibles and all bibles were sold out at the events. Proceeds from the sales were used to buy new quantities of bibles.

Target group

Invited attendance at these events was over 1,000 people, but in all cases many members of the surrounding communities joined as spectators. In general participants and members of the community valued the events highly.


  • Consult Experts on Bible Distribution
  • Make Bible Distribution Policy
  • Procure Bibles
  • Prepare program & invite groups and speakers
  • Invite Presbyteries
  • Arrange logistics
  • Do Presbytery Events




7,500 EUR (funded by GZB, Netherlands)


  • At the events, 1,009 bibles have been distributed and sold at the subsidised rate of MWK500. Bibles were available in Tumbuka, Chichewa and English. We were not able to distribute Tonga and Kyangonde bibles to areas that speak these languages because they were sold out at the Bible Society of Malawi.
  • The events were organised hand in hand with the presbyteries who arranged the venue, provided food & accommodations for the organisers and organised the invitations to the congregations. Drama and music was provided by volunteers of the Viyere Youth Drama Group and Youth of Katawa congregation (both in Mzuzu). Transport (lorry and landcruiser) were made available by the Church departments through intervention by the Synod Secretariat.