Rev. K.T.R. Mughogho
Rev. K.T.R. Mughogho – Chair
Rev. K.T.R. Mughogho has been the chair for the task force Spiritual Health from 2010. He holds a Master’s degree in Theology from University of Glasgow. He was Synod Youth Director from 2008-2010. He currently serves the congregation of Lupaso in Mzuzu.
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Mr. P.F.K. Zgambo – Secretary
Mr. Peter Zgambo is the coordinator for the Music school under the Youth Department. He is a primary school teacher by profession and before joining the Youth department, he served as head master of different primary schools. He is also the secretary of the Synod Music Committee. Mr. Zgambo joined the task force in 2013. Within the task force he focuses on the introduction of new hymn books.
Rev. J.J. Gondwe
Rev. J.J. Gondwe – Member (for Youth Department)
Rev. J.J. Gondwe is the Synod Moderator-elect. He serves is Director of the Synod Youth Department. He hold a Master’s degree in Practical Theology from Stellenbosch University. He has been a member of the task force since 2010. His area of emphasis is the introduction of participatory Bible study groups in the congregations as well as in the Christian Youth Fellowships.
Rev. F.S. Gadogana
Rev. F.S. Gadogana – Member (for Literature & Sunday School)
Rev. F.S. Gadogana serves as the Synod Literature Secretary and Director for Sunday School. He holds a Master’s degree in Theology from Mzuzu University. He joined the task force in 2015. His focus is on making hymn books and Bibles available for sale in all congregations in the Synod.
Rev. A.M. Phiri
Rev. A.M. Phiri – Member (for Evangelism)
Rev. A.M. Phiri is Director of the Mission & Evangelism department. He also serves as director of the Lay Training Centre. He holds a Master’s degree from Austin Theological Seminary (USA). He joined the task force in 2016. His focus is on the revision of the order of service and the introduction of contemporary service.
Rev. Mrs. N. Longwe
Rev. Mrs. N. Longwe – Member (for Women’s Guild)
Rev. Mrs. N. Longwe is the Synod Women’s Guild Coordinator. She holds a bachelor degree in Theology from Zomba Theological College. She joined the task force in 2015 and is responsible for introducing participatory Bible Study methods in the congregations, in particular in the Women’s Guild.
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Mr. I. Gondwe – Member
Mr. Innocent Gondwe is a youth from Viyere congregation in Mzuzu. He joined the task force in 2015. He is responsible for participatory Bible Study and in general represents the voice of the Youth within the task force.